Fercrisa Plus

Project Description


Fercrisa Plus is an organic fertilizer nitrogen in the form of microgranules. It has a solubility that facilitates instantaneous foliar application and fertigation.

More info:

To increase the nitrogen, potassium naturally assimilable iron and magnesium, that has a nourishing effect is complementary to Biostimulant.

Applications ans forms of action

Fercrisa Plus facilitates numerous metabolic reactions of plants, their action develops an similar effect to those of hormones and plant growth regulators, in addition to action as traditional nutrient.
This especially recommended phases of growth, flowering, fruit set and ripening and in stressful situations due to adverse weather conditions and / or transplants in all crops.
Fercrisa Plus effects:

  • Increases root development.
  • Power vegetative growth (leaves and shoots).
  • Stimulates flowering, fruit set and fruit development.
  • Increases resistance to stress (cold, heat, drought, treatments pesticides,etc.).
  • Facilitates and increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil and leaves.
  • Causes fruit ripening earlier and homogeneous.
  • Promotes the absorption of calcium into the cells.
  • Extend the preservation of fruits after harvest.
  • Increased levels of iron and potassium in plants.


Fercrisa Plus can mix with all products except copper compounds, sulfur and oil. In olive if you can mix
with most coppers (recommended, however, to make a pre-test).

Do not apply in plum without first conducting a test in each variety.


In applying foliar 150-300 grs./100 L. Through irrigation system applied 2 to 4 kg / ha per application (possible to mix with other fertilizers).
Performed in all cases several applications, the number of these will vary according to crop needs and objectives to be want.


Not known toxicological problems arising from the use of the product.

Origin of raw materials

Fercrisa Plus is a 100% animal tissues waste product.

Records – Certificates

  • Approved for organic farming under RCE Regulation 834/2007 and NOP
  • Animal by-products used comply with Regulation (EC) No 1774/2002.
  • Product registered MARM