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International expanding

Crisara around
the world

Our experience in organic farming has moved our growth model beyond borders, attracting the interest of companies, research centres and universities from other countries.

At CRISARA we have invested our efforts in recent years in international expansion, selling our organic fertilisers and bio insecticides FERCRISA and our almond trees worldwide. We are presently operating in several countries i.e., Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan.

International goal

With this objective of growth, we have had the opportunity to participate in different commercial ventures organised by organism such as Extenda or Tecnova. With more than 30 years’ experience in organic farming and in the cultivation of the almond trees, it has made it possible to move our growth model beyond borders, motivating the interest of companies, research centres and universities, recognising, in this sense, the need for external advice and technology transfer and knowledge of companies with the experience of CRISARA.











In the same way, CRISARA has been able to experience first-hand both in the USA and Australia, the innovation of the almond sector operating with leading companies in these countries as well as the latest research and genetic improvements obtained by the University of California. Internationally, a new era is opening up for an increasingly professional, more efficient and rational agriculture that requires constant renewal, where we must be competitive and sustainable at the same time.

Crisara Pattern

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