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About Us

30 years of experience in the field

About Us

Crisara pattern

CRISARA was founded in 1995 by a group of specialists with over 30 years’ experience with aim of providing specialised services in agriculture and the environment.

The great demand on all kinds of agricultural services lead us to expand our field of activity ranging from planting to harvesting. Since 1997 it has been a strong supporter of organic farming.  For this reason, we have shared our research and promotion of this practice with our customers, offering inputs for organic farming, phytosanitary and appropriate fertilisers and the necessary technical advice.

We are a company specialized in the manufacture and commercialization of ecological fertilizers and bioinsecticides, respectful with health and the environment. In short, the company has gone one step further working at the moment on the "CRISARA Model", a work philosophy resulting from these years of experience that offers the farmer a comprehensive sustainable management model (MGIS) in which the main objective , beyond the isolated sale of a product or a service, is to guarantee results.

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