Product: Fercrisa FOS-20


Fercrisa FOS-20


EC Fertiliser. FERCRISA FOS-20 is a phosphorus-based fertiliser solution (20% w/w) completely soluble. Its high phosphorus content promotes rooting, flowering, and fruit setting. Its bio stimulating effect promotes increased strength and improved recovery in crops affected by pest attacks and adverse weather.

NOTE 1. For better efficiency of the product, slightly acidify the solution. It is recommended to keep stirring the fertilizer tank.

  1. For drip irrigation systems. Pre-dilute before adding to the fertilizer tank. Do not use more than 10 litres of product per 400 litres of water, i.e., 2, 5% maximum.
  2. Its application must be adapted to the crop cycle to prevent losses due to immobilization (fixed to clay). It is required, overall, in the phases of horticultural rooting or at the end of the time of resting in woodland (activation of the root system), very important in flowering and for the formation of seeds. Its capacity improves when applied associated to organic matter rich in humic acids

WARNING: Make a phytotoxicity test on a small plot before applying in a large-scale. To reduce the risk of phytotoxicity application must be made early in the morning or late in the afternoon/evening, avoiding the hottest hours of the day.

FORMAT: 10 L Container

Weight 17 kg

Total phosphorus (P205):——————————- 35 (%w/v) and 20 (%w/w)
Total phosphorus (P205) soluble in water:——————–7.0 (%w/v) and 4.0 (%w/w)
Total phosphorus (P205) soluble in water and ammonium citrate—8, 75% (w/v) and 5, 0 % (w/w)
Calcium Oxide (CaO) soluble in water———————–8.75 (%w/v) and 5.0 (%w/w)


Vegetables—————————-200-300 (cc/100l)
Fruit trees and olive grove——-200-300 (cc/100l)
Extensive crops—————–—-200-300 (cc/100l)

Vegetables———————————-10-20 (L/Ha) (Maximum 2.5%)
Fruit trees and olive grove——-——-200-300 (L/Ha) (Maximum 2.5%)
Extensive crops—————————-200-300 (L/Ha) (Maximum 2.5%)

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