Fercrisa FOS-20 is one solution liquid manure-based phosphorus (20% w/w). Is a product completely soluble that by its high content in phosphorus favors the rooting, flowering and fruit set of the fruit. It influences the synthesis of chlorophyll and carotenoids which is indispensable for a correct photosynthesis in the plant and to proper process of colouring of the fruit. Its biostimulant effect promotes greater resistance and improves recovery in crops affected by attacks by pests or weather.

NOTE: 1) For better product efficiency, slightly acidify the broth. It is also recommended to keep the tank agitating constantly.

2) For drip irrigation systems: Predilute before adding to the substation tank. Do not use more than 10 liters per 400 liters of water, ie, maximum 2.5%.

3) Its application must be adapted to the crop cycle to avoid losses due to immobilization (fixed to the clays). In general terms it is required in the rooting phases of horticultural or at the end of the rest period in tree (root system activation), very important in flowering and for the formation of seeds. Its availability improves associated organic matter rich in humic acids.
WARNING: Perform a phytotoxicity test on a small plot before performing a large-scale application. In order to reduce the risk of phytotoxicity, the applications should be carried out first thing in the morning or later in the evening / night, avoiding the hours of maximum insolation.

Size: 10L