Product: Fercrisa MnZn


Fercrisa MnZn

FERCRISA MnZn is an organic compound of lignosulfonates of natural origin with Zinc (Zn) and Manganese to correct double deficiencies of these elements in all kinds of cultures.

It is an ideal preparation for rapid absorption and action since the strong complexing activity of lignosulfonates ensures rapid and complete absorption of Zn and Mn.

The leaves turn green again a few days after treatment.

It also improves setting and ripening advance by favouring sugar synthesis.

The presence of lignosulfonates has a stimulating effect on plant growth.

Its excellent Mn/Zn ratio as well as the fact that it can be assimilated by both roots and leaves makes it an ideal product as a preventive and curative against deficiencies of these microelements. In citrus it is preferable to treat shortly before or just after flowering.

FORMAT: 5 L container.


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