Fercrisa Preven

Project Description


EC fertilizer. Copper based fertilizer solution. It is a liquid corrector of deficiencies of copper, totally soluble and available to be absorbed by the plant.

More information:

Applications and form of action

Due to its formulation it facilitates the rapid absorption by the plant and its adherence to the leaf in case of foliar application.

It strengthens the defense mechanisms against fungal and bacterial diseases.

It improves the mechanisms of nitrogen absorption and protein synthesis.

It is an ideal product to complement the action of fertilizers NPK for fertirrigación and foliar applications, being indicated for all type of crops, especially for fruit trees, horticultural and ornamental.

Compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. Prior compatibility testing is recommended.


Compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers in common use. Do not mix with mineral oils and alkaline products. If you have any doubts, please check the compatibility.


There are no known toxicological problems arising from the use of the product.

Declaration of origin of raw materials

FERCRISA ACTIVA proceeds in 100% of residues of vegetal origin.

Records- Certificates

EC fertilizer: Copper shortage corrector. Records – Certificates

Authorized for organic farming according to Regulation ECN 834/2007 and NOP