Iron chelated.
Lack corrector composed of solid iron chelated with EDDHA.

Its formulation high in isomers ortho-ortho position allows for easy and effective both for foliar application in hydroponic systems or direct soil application.
This product is particularly suitable for treatment of iron chlorosis in crops or those settled in calcareous and alkaline soils. As a preventive, can be applied in times of great vegetative
activity (growth, before flowering, fruit set and fruit fattening) or when they begin to appear the first symptoms of iron chlorosis (yellowing between veins, especially in young leaves
mind). In horticulture apply if the crop is rooted.
Its formulation allows for easy and effective implementation by:
Adding to the ground:

  • 1. Dissolved in water injection
  • 2. By fertigation dispensers in the irrigation unit.
    • Foliar spray observing whithdrawal symptoms. Must be the preferably used in the minimum hours of sunshine and sunset.

Size: 5 kg