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Fercrisa Ferro

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Iron Chelated.

Iron Chelated. Solid Iron deficiency corrector, EDDHA chelated.

Its formulation with high isomers content in position ORTO-ORTO, allows an easy and effective application both by foliar spraying, in hydroponic systems or applied directly to the soil.


This product is particularly suitable for the treatment of ferric chlorosis in all crops or in those settled in calcareous and alkaline soils. As a preventive, it can be applied in times of high vegetative activity (growth, pre-flowering, fruit setting and fattening) or when the first symptoms of ferric chlorosis (yellowing between veins, especially in young leaves) begin to appear. In horticulture apply whenever the crop is rooted.

Its formulation allows an easy and effective application by:

Incorporation into the soil:

  1. Injection dissolved in water
  2. Fertirrigation by dosing in the irrigation unit
    1. Foliar spraying by observing the symptoms of deficiency. Avoid applying in the hottest hours of the day.

FORMAT: 5 Kg Bag


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