It is a liquid solution of calcium acetate (7.5% w / w) enriched with Manganese and Zinc. It is a deficiency corrector of calcium that thanks to its stabilized formulation and the presence of transporting agents is totally soluble and available to be absorbed by the plant quickly.

FERCRISA CALCIO is suitable for all types of crops, especially for fruit trees, horticulture and ornamental plants. It is advisable to use them in times of maximum calcium demand especially in the formation and maturation of the fruits. The introduction of Manganese and Zinc eliminates the possibilities of deficiencies in these two microelements of difficult absorption by the plant . Calcium intervenes in cell multiplication and growth as well as in the regulation of pH in the root system. It also influences nitrogen absorption mechanisms and the translocation of carbohydrates and proteins inside the plant. However its main function happens to be the cementing agent in the formation of the cell walls, thus giving consistency to the plant. Deficiency, manifested from germination. It causes chlorosis and stops the root development, giving rise to short, thick roots with a brown coloration. The leaves are coiled, sometimes with necrosis at the edges. The symptoms appear almost always in the young leaves and the plant as a whole diminishes its growth.

Size: 5L, 20L