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Fercrisa Biosuelo PF

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Organic fertiliser of animal/vegetable origin

Organic fertiliser of animal/vegetable origin for basic dressing or top dressing in arable soils. It is an excellent basic dressing, complete, practical, and effective in extensive and intensive crops. Provides Organic Nitrogen, Phosphorus Oxide and Potassium Oxide of slow liberation minimizing lost by leaching. Ensures staggered basic nutritional needs of crops over long periods of time and increases the soil organic matter content.

Its high organic mineral content allows it to make a great basic dressing fertiliser, practical and very effective in extensive and intensive crops.

The slow liberation of its nutrients minimizes lost by leaching and ensures staggered basic nutritional needs of crops over long periods of time

Fercrisa Biosuelo is a natural product rich in organic matter, which improves the humus content of agricultural soils. Its use presents many advantages:

  • Increase the cation exchange capacity, favouring the processes of plant nutrition and the release of elements present in the ground.
  • Helps with the moderation of abrupt temperature variations in soil.
  • Increases the porosity, aeration, and drainage.
  • Enhances soil biological component, increasing the microbial life that facilitates the decomposition of organic matter and the formation of assimilable phosphohumic complexes.
  • Increases the rhizogenous action (formation and development of roots) increasing the absorption and utilisation of nutrients.

FORMAT: Pellet: 25 Kg -30 kg bags and 500 kg -600 Kg Big Bag

Weight 25 kg

Total Nitrogen (N) ——————————————————————-——-4,0 (% w/w)
Organic Nitrogen (N) ———————————————————————-–3,8 (%w/w)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water: —3,0 (%w/w)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in mineral acids only: ———–—————–2,0 (%w/w)
Potassium Oxide (k2O) soluble in water: ————————————————4,0 (%w/w)
N (total) + P2O5 + K2O————————————————————–——13,0 (%w/w)
Total Organic Matter: ———————————————————————–25-40 (%w/w)
Organic Carbon (C): —————-—————————————————14,5-23,2 (%w/w)


Almond trees———————————————————-———200-700 Kg/Ha
Pistachio————————————————————————–200-700 Kg/Ha
Olive Trees, Vineyard and Cereals —————————————–——200-700 Kg/Ha
Citrus and Fruit Trees————————————————-——-500-1500 Kg/Ha
Flowers——————————————————————–——–400-500 Kg/Ha
Strawberry————————————————————-——–1000-2000 Kg/Ha
Greenhouse vegetables————————————————-—-1500-3500 Kg/Ha
Open field vegetables——————————————————–1000-3000 Kg/Ha

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