Fercrisa Activa

Project Description


Organic fertilizer for leaf and root application, with high concentration of organic nitrogen and ammonia, amino acids (obtained by enzimatical hydrolysis) and high content of organic matter. Incorporates a chlorophyll activator.

Más información:

Applications and forms of action

FERCRISA ACTIVA constitues a nutrient of rapid absorption and high efficiency, both in herbaceous and woody crops FERCRISA ACTIVA produces the following effects:

  • Boosts the rooting, flowering, fruit setting and maturing of fruit trees.
  • Improves the capacity to react against adverse conditions, as well as help debilitated growth  because of drought, frost…etc. And the growth of young stems in the vegetative development stage.
  • Influences the regulation of hydrological balance, which is important for dry land cultivation or irrigation with restrictions like olives, almonds etc.
  • Facilitates the assimilation of mineral foliar fertilizers.


FERCRISA ACTIVA cannot be mixed with oils. When it is mixed with sulphur products it is recommended that the dose of these be reduced by half, and not to apply together in cases of sensitive crops. For olives amino acids can be combined with copper.


Fertilizers and soil modifications of organic origin/ the access of animals to the land is not permitted for at least 21 days following application.
Health Classification: (none)
S2: Keep out of reach of children.
S3: Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.

Declaration of origin of raw materials

FERCRISA ACTIVA derives 100% from vegetable waste.

Registration – Certificates

Authorised for Organic Agriculture in accordance with the Regulations RCE 834/2007. No. op: 17.820