Fercrisa Micro-K40

Project Description


Liquid fertilizer of high concentration in potassium of fast assimilation and with vegetal amino acids of totally natural origin. With the application of Fercrisa micro-K40, it is possible to optimize the quality of the harvest (brix degrees, consistency, color and flavor).
More information:

Its application is recommended during the fruiting stage, promoting the flocculent translocation of sugars from the photosynthetic organs to the fruits. Its mixed formulation with potassium and natural organic stimulants promotes the activation of the fast and efficient metabolism of potassium in the plant.


Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water 42.2% m / v 30.6% m / m
Free Amino Acids 2.7% m / v 2.0% m / m
Total Amino Acids 4.0% m / v 2.88% m / m
Total Nitrogen (N) 1.9% m / v 1.4% m / m


Its application is indicated by foliar and fertirrigation, both in woody and herbaceous crops at the following doses:
FOLIAR: 150-350cc / HL made in various applications
IRRIGATION: 5-15 l / Ha, make several applications, total recommended dose 60-80L / Ha

Authorized for organic farming according to the Regulation CER 834/2007. Product certified for use in Organic Agriculture CertiCAAE 17.820