Natural Insecticide. Pyrethrins 1,9%

Insecticide with rapid action on contact with broad spectrum of activity . It is a totally natural product enriched with 1,9% pyrethrins and formulated on a base of vegetable oil which increases its effectivity.

Its application must always be foliar (via leaves), once the presence of the pest is detected. The product must be in contact with all the aerial organs of the plant during application, as it is a product which acts through contact. It is therefore recommended to wet the vegetal surface well. FIEL is a product which, in appropriate dilutions, does not produce phyto-toxicity. Being a photo-sensitve product, it is recommended to use it at times of low brightness, preferably at dusk or dawn and in air temperatures not less than 5 degrees C or more than 30 degrees C. It is advised to repeat the treatment at intervals of 10-15 days according to necessity.

It’s use is recommended for the control of whitefly, thrips, aphids, cochineal, caterpillars, beetle and other types of insects and mites, on all kinds of crops, whether horticultural, stone and seed fruits, citrus fruits, subtropical fruits, vines,…

Size: 1L, 5L