At CRISARA, we offer you the possibility of visiting our company through the organisation of technical training sessions and in the specialisation of organic agriculture, farm production and almond cultivation, with talks in our Training Classroom and field visits.

Participants can to get to know about the land, CRISARA’s  farming of almonds as well as experimental fields in which are carried out different tests of types of pruning, patterns and the behaviour of different varieties against pests, diseases, adverse conditions like ice or limiting factors like low rainfall.

Conferences in which specialist company technicians offer a series of measures and interventions which can partly reduce  the pressure on trees as well as a series of guidelines to follow on how to improve the tree’s state of health and augment the quality and profitability of cultivation with an agricultural practice in which CRISARA is a model.

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At CRISARA you will have the opportunity to get to know experimental fields of alternative crops like pistachio, stevia, truffle or walnut.

Specialised Team

CRISARA has personnel specialised in the organisation and delivery of these conferences in different areas (Research, Almond Production, Organic Agriculture, Perspective on Gender and Politics of Equality in the Company, Entrepreneurship, Rural Development, Enterprise 2.0, New Technologies applied to Small and medium businesses, Use of Organic Fertilizers and Phyto-fortifiers, etc.

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In CRISARA we always adapt to your training needs, schedule, duration of sessions, budget, specialty, etc.
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