To make companies more human

CRISARA is a company that is based on respect for the environment and people’s health, a philosophy by which it has stood since its origins through the use of organic products for an agriculture which is cleaner and better for all.

Underlining this premise, the company is committed to a distinct business model, adapting itself to the needs of each client, going for a growth based on a relationship of trust, both within the company and the people who make it up, and in the work that they carry out.

From this point of view, it is considered necessary by CRISARA “to make businesses more human”, so that in addition to profitability and economic objectives there is something more: human relationships, confidence and hope shared. To have “success” it is necessary to work with enthusiasm because a company is a shared project, where one strives and is committed to give a service to society and where one always has to feel useful, in order to meet new challenges and be able to change to the pace set by the times, even with a wider vision that allows it to stay one step ahead.

On these lines, in order that knowledge and experience is imparted, you must always be willing to give more than you expect to receive.

The value of experience can’t be bought with money, it is achieved by listening, providing confidence and generating opinion.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

For CRISARA, the value of a company comes from the intangible since the important thing is to have a great team which is able to share experiences and know how to recognise the common benefit.

Social and Human Organisation

CRISARA bids to be a social and human organisation where through a personal, loyal and sincere relationship it takes on challenges with commitment, confidence and responsibility.

For CRISARA another way of doing things is possible, helping family-sized agrarian economy, small farms, the rural economy and traditional techniques..

CRISARA always bears in mind those who have entrusted to us a habitable planet and fertile earth and feels the commitment to pass it on in the same state to future generations.

Equally, CRISARA collaborates with bodies like the Universal Social Fund (FSU), for the defence of human rights and childhood, and with other associations and institutions in its surroundings like the Association of Friends of Culture in Chirivel, the Municipal Sports Schools (EDM), the Association of People with Disabilities in Los Velez (APAFA) and the Oria Juvenile Facility. CRISARA is also the patron founder of the Foundation “Savia (Sap)” because of its commitment and values.

CRISARA has aquired and passes on a distinct way of doing things, that has eventually given rise to what could be called the “CRISARA Model”, based on all these values and shared experience, something which can’t be a bought or sold.