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CRISARA was established in 1995, originating from an existing group of specialists with more than 30 years experience and aiming to provide services specialising in agriculture and the environment.The great demand for all types of farming services, led the company to widen its scope of activity to cover everything from planting to harvesting.
Since 1997, CRISARA has been firmly committed to Organic Agriculture, and this opened up lines of research and development in the practice amongst their clients, as the company began offering appropriate phytosanitary products and fertilizers and the necessary technical guidance.

The company has definitely taken a step closer, right now, to working on the “Model CRISARA”, a work philosophy which is the fruit of 18 years’ experience and offers the farmer a comprehensive service, in which the principal objective, beyond just the sale of a product or service, is to guarantee results. Currently Crisara is a company specialised in the manufacture and commercialisation of zero-waste phyto-fortifiers and fertilizers, environmentally friendly.

CRISARA is a company that offers its clients RESULTS, SOLUTIONS AND IDEAS. Results by means of its own research, solutions through its wide experience and ideas through its innovative capacity. So, its objective is to value and make profitable the resources and potencial of the area as well as to transfer the experience and knowledge aquired to other compatible agricultural settings with the project’s philosophy, to improve the quality of the products with the consequent added value.
To introduce the “CRISARA MODEL” at national level, a company model in which all parties benefit. This is based on the application of traditional, rural techniques adapted for the modern world, and innovation.

CRISARA is a company which, from its origins, backed the use of organic supplies for a cleaner, and better for all, agriculture with a philosophy which shares respect for the environment and people's health.

What do we offer?

Thewholerange of FERCRISA products are certified as organic/ecologicalbythe la “Asociación de Valor Ecológico-Ecovalia (CAAE)”.
At Crisara we advise you about the best products for your crops, ways of application, treatment times, specific care, etc.
CRISARA guarantees 100% effectiveness of the range of products of the FERCRISA brand, which meets the needs of the farmer, offering results and solutions to their problems.
CRISARA has around 20 years in the sector, eventually becoming a model of Organic Agriculture, bringing onto the market innovative products which guarantee results and improve the products’ rate of return.

Our values

One of the great strengths of CRISARA is the confidence which it passes on to its clients, the fruit of a sincere relationship with them based on the commitment to offer the best products that guarantee good results. Being this way, CRISARA supports a growth based on a relationship of trust, both in the company and the people who compose it and perform the work.
CRISARA is a company which, from its origins, backed the use of organic supplies for a cleaner, and better for all, agriculture with a philosophy which shares respect for the environment and people’s health.
With CRISARA another way of doing things is possible, helping the family-sized agrarian economy, small farms, the rural economy and traditional techniques, respecting nature, the environment and the livelihoods of rural society. CRISARA bears in mind those who have entrusted us with a habitable planet and fertile earth and feels the commitment to pass it on in the same state to future generations.
CRISARA’s commitment to Organic Agriculture guarantees the conservation of species and spaces as well as the reduction in the contamination of aquifers.

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